We offer first-class quality control inspections for a wide range of consumer products. We cover the entire manufacturing process, guaranteeing compliance to standards and reducing risk for clients.

Our quality control inspections help our clients to:

  • Guarantee the quantity produced, finished and packed, meet the quantity ordered
  • Ensure visual appearance, colour and finish, matches with product ordered
  • Make sure product specifications, measurements, material and functions, comply with the order
  • Verify packaging, labelling, instructions and markings are in accordance with mandatory standards

What kind of inspection is best for your product?

Product Inspection Process

Initial Production Inspection?(IPI) - We check the raw materials or components stored by the manufacturer in order to produce an order. We also inspect the initial production run at the factory

During Production Inspection(DPI/DUPRO) - We verify semi-finished or finished goods when a minimum of 40% of an order has been produced.

Final Random Inspection?(FRI) - We control finished products when at least 80% of an order has been export-packed.

Cargo Container Loading Supervision?(LS) - We ensure that an order is completed and safely loaded in a container before shipment.