With speed and accuracy, our inspection teams help clients verify contractual conformity for a comprehensive range of commodities and goods, including minerals and metals, agricultural products and consumer products.

We work where trade takes place. We immerse ourselves in local rules and regulations, so we can respond swiftly and expertly to a client’s request by verifying the quality and quantity, nature and condition of goods.

Typically, inspections occur when goods are loaded or discharged during transit, but we also perform bespoke inspection services, right along the supply chain. Minimising risk while maximising value for our clients.

These services occur at every step of the production, trade and transformation processes and include:

  • Loading and discharge supervision
  • Vessel hatch and hold inspection / water tightness
  • Supervision of weighing?/?tally control
  • Draft survey and tank gauging
  • Contractual sampling, samples preparation and sealing
  • Testing and analysis
  • Traceability?/?identity preservation
  • Trade financing support

Why Choose Cotecna

The proximity of our teams, together with the personal nature of our service, and the fact that we are certified by the industry’s recognised bodies, mean we can act quickly and proactively to an inspection request.

We guide our clients through local market inspection procedures, acting as a partner in trade and not just a service provider. We communicate regularly and with complete transparency, allowing a client to operate with full assurance over the verification of their shipment.